About the Award:

The Bone Conduction Hearing Award is an international recognition award presented by the Osseo organizers to an individual exemplifying excellence and demonstrating significant contributions in the field of bone conduction hearing and related technologies. It is the successor of the well-known Tjellström Award. The next OSSEO award will be presented at the OSSEO 2022 conference in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Your suggestions for the OSSEO award 2022 are highly welcome.

Your mail should contain:

  • Subject: "Osseo award 2022"
  • the full name and organization, where the nominee works (or used to work, if retired)
  • a short statement, summarizing her or his main achievement(s) in the area of bone conduction hearing
  • a link to her or his professional home-page and/or list of publications

Please mail your suggestion for future recipients to: martin.kompis@insel.ch

Previous recipients of the OSSEO award and the Tjellström Award

2003 – Prof. dr A. Tjellström, Sweden
2004 – Prof. dr C.W.R.J. Cremers, the Netherlands
2005 – Mr D. Proops, United Kingdom
2006 – Dr S. Nagata, Japan
2007 – Dr J. Brunski, United States
2008 – Prof. G. Granström, Sweden
2009 – Dr J. Beumer, United States
2010 – Mr A. Sugar, United Kingdom
2011 – Prof. B. Hakansson, Sweden
2013 – Mr J. Wazen, USA
2015 – Prof M. Hultcrantz, Sweden
2017 – Prof. A. Snik, the Netherlands
2019 – Prof. S. Stenfelt, Sweden